ARB CLIMBER magazine is the newest edition to Technical Rescue publications and is based on the same successful format as TECHNICAL RESCUE Magazine ( which is now in its 25th year of publishing and is subscribed to by rescue professionals in 74 countries. 

We specialise in equipment and techniques articles written in a down-to-earth style and with lots of illustrative, instructional or arty pictures. Some articles are necessarily more academic in style but the majority are technically detailed but informal.  ARB CLIMBER focuses on the work and equipment of climbing aborists and recreational/scientific-media climbers but this obviously also involves ground crew and managers who need to work with and/or supply equipment for the climbers.

 After 25 years in special rescue and in rope rescue in particular we have chosen now to launch ARB CLIMBER because techniques have now evolved to include so much technical climbing  equipment that  the modern arborist has much in common with rope access and rescue workers. Many of our operational personnel from rescue have or had backgrounds in tree work, indeed this skill was actively sought for personnel on Specialist Units because of the crossover skills of rope-work, height awareness, use of powertools and dealing with heavy loads.  We always said that the very best Specialist Rescuers were tree surgeons with a diving qualification!

Ade Scott just about manages to keep his hand in with tree work while his colleagues from the old Rescue Unit days, HM  Coastguard's head of Technical Rescue Rich Hackwell  also keeps his hand in and mainstays Adam Jones and James Hutchen continue to juggle full time fire-rescue with equally full time tree work (the advantages of a 'four days on - four days off' shift pattern!). They are regularly assisted by tree industry veterans and innovators like Mark Bridge, Kev Bingham, Jeff Jepson, Thomas Amorim and manufacturing gurus like Rock Thompson's Rock Exotica, Denny Moorhouse's ISC and his old flame DMM, Petzl, Stihl, Husqvarna and of course a plethora of rope companies.


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URGENT RECALL Black Diamond & DMM Carabiners


BLACK DIAMOND have announced a safety check requirement/Recall for all carabiners with a code between 4350 and 6018. The code is located along the major axis (spine). It appears to involve an incorrectly applied rivet/bolt on the gate. For very detailed instructions on what to look for go to:

There is also a Safety/Recall Notice for sewn runners which may have a faulty 'tape splice' - details can be accessed via this url:


DMM International of Wales have advised of a potential problem with the locking mechanism on ALL DMM carabiners within the serial numbers shown below. 

Affected carabiners have the following serial numbers (these run sequentially): If your carabiners meet the criteria shown in the PDF link below please carry out the user inspection detailed therein. The serial number can be found on the spine of the carabiner. 

 2014 PRODUCTION - 14138XXXXX TO 14365XXXXX 

 DMM's 2-page recall advisory is available by cutting and pasting this link:


and the RETURNS PROCEDURE is available by cutting and pasting this link:

or you can go to their website at