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ARB CLIMBER is the sister magazine to Technical Rescue magazine (TRm) which has been the world’s leading Rescue title since its launch 25 years ago. Both titles are in the same style - full colour, order high quality ‘glossies’ with a high editorial to advertising ratio and  owned, written, edited and peer reviewed by operational rescue services personnel and arborists in a no-nonsense style for frontline personnel.  ArbClimber is read in 54 countries while Technical Rescue is read in 76 countries. In addition, ArbClimber is distributed by the leading Arb Supply outlets in USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

Editor Ade Scott has been a professional rope specialist and operational rescuer for over 33 years, originally in tree work and rope access then in rope rescue and the as Head of Operations – Technical Rescue Unit. This Fire Service coordinated Unit pioneered multi-discipline rescue in the UK and remained the UK’s only such agency until the events of 9.11 catapulted technical rescue as a discipline into the mainstream. Ade went on to work with Special Forces teams around the world and together with other Unit personnel, continues to provide training, testing and trialing of equipment for the magazine: Ex regional Arb Officer Richard Hackwell is now one of the leaders in  Technical Rescue training and equipment for the UK Coastguard,  veteran arborists  Adam Jones and world Champion Medic Jim Hutchen concentrate on tree work in between fighting fires and attending USAR incidents. Our prestigious North American team includes Park Ranger and NASAR board member Lee Lang , arborist and inventor of the treepedo Thomas Amorim in Canada, Gear freak and inventor of the Rope Wrench Kev Bingham in the US together with Penn-State veteran Arborist TC Mazar . James Fairfield is our US man-of-many-talents photographer, arborist and firefighter.  



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URGENT RECALL Black Diamond & DMM Carabiners


BLACK DIAMOND have announced a safety check requirement/Recall for all carabiners with a code between 4350 and 6018. The code is located along the major axis (spine). It appears to involve an incorrectly applied rivet/bolt on the gate. For very detailed instructions on what to look for go to:

There is also a Safety/Recall Notice for sewn runners which may have a faulty 'tape splice' - details can be accessed via this url:


DMM International of Wales have advised of a potential problem with the locking mechanism on ALL DMM carabiners within the serial numbers shown below. 

Affected carabiners have the following serial numbers (these run sequentially): If your carabiners meet the criteria shown in the PDF link below please carry out the user inspection detailed therein. The serial number can be found on the spine of the carabiner. 

 2014 PRODUCTION - 14138XXXXX TO 14365XXXXX 

 DMM's 2-page recall advisory is available by cutting and pasting this link:


and the RETURNS PROCEDURE is available by cutting and pasting this link:

or you can go to their website at